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Suspended Ceilings

The advantage of suspended ceilings is in their ability to create an aesthetic interior finish while concealing and allowing access to all the services that make an interior space function practically including lighting and air-conditioning and if required optimizing acoustics as well. We have a selection of Exposed Grid Systems and Suspension Items systems to suit budget requirements for suspended ceilings; a variety of Ceiling Tile options depending on the suspended ceiling specification, as well as the wall trims and fixings and accessories needed for a suspended ceiling installation.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles Suitable for all types of Commercial applications including retail outlets, offices, schools, hospitals and restaurants.

Features and benefits include:

    1. Foil backing to increase thermal resistance, reduce water penetration and improve noise reduction
    2. Taped edges to minimise gypsum dust, limit water penetration and promote a longer life span
    3. Available in white and fissured surface patterns
    4. Available in 1200×600 and 600×600 sizes.


Acoustic Ceiling Tiles are a uniquely green product and are 100% recyclable. They are manufactured from the following completely natural raw materials:

Features and benefits include:

Sound Absorption (NRC)Up to 0.70
Sound Blocking (CAC)Up to 40
Light Reflectance86%
Recycled ContentUp to 86%

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