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Cornice Mouldings: The Finishing Touch To A Room

It forms a visual transition between wall and ceiling, hides cracks and imperfections and adds dynamism to your interior. The multitude of styles and finishes is also unrivalled: from sleek to modern to ornamented, classic or big to impress. Add to this the knowhow, and you know that the result will be good enough to frame. Why are the cornice mouldings the best choice? Brief answer: because of their clear added value:

Easy to Install

Our coving, made from light, strong and durable materials, are extremely easy to install. The integrated glue grooves guarantee a swift glue application and you are given an installation guarantee when you use our ultra-mount glue.

Immediately Paintable

Ceiling cornice mouldings are immediately paintable, as they are supplied with a white primer layer. This means that you can paint them in your desired color so they will fit your interior perfectly.

Ideal for Renovations

Our ceiling cornices are perfect for renovation work. After all, they will cover any imperfections in the wall and/or ceiling in no time. Our flexible caving cornices are excellent for anyone working with curved ceilings or crooked walls.

Filling gaps

Even in modern houses, there can be a few millimetres difference between walls and flooring, creating gaps. To overcome this, Upper Interiors cornice mouldings provide a simple solution for covering these gaps, whilst creating an aesthetically pleasing look.

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